Michael NEUKOMMET3568 was born about 1705. Richard Davis believes, but cannot prove, that Michael Neukommet is the son of Ulrich. Michael was a Mennonite in the Zimmerhof congregation in Germany in 1731. Parents: Ulrich NEUKOMMET.

Peter NEUKOMMET3560 was born in 1611 in Signau, Bern, Switzerland. He was christened on 29 December 1611. Parents: Wolfgang NEUKOMMET Senior and Ursula SCHABOLD.

Peter NEUKOMMET3565 was christened on 26 May 1650. He was born in 1650 in Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland. Parents: Hans NEUKOMMET and Madlena STAUFFER.

Peter "1719 ?" NEUKOMMET3566 was born about 1680 in Hinten, Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland. Richard Davis believes, but cannot prove, that Peter Neukommet is Wolfgang Neukommet, III's son. Furthermore, it is possible that this is the Peter that emigrated to Pennsylvania, but this is not yet proven. Parents: Wolfgang NEUKOMMET III and ms .

Samuel NEUKOMMET2723 was born about 1624 in Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland. Samuel Neukommet was the witness his brother's (Wolfgang) daughter's (Barbara) christening in 1655. He and his wife, Susanna Habereusbach lived in Signau, Bern, Switzerland. Parents: Wolfgang NEUKOMMET Senior and Ursula SCHABOLD.

Spouse: Susanna HABEREUSBACH.

Samuel NEUKOMMET2779 was born about 1710. He died in 1753 at the age of 43 in Upper Saucon, Northhampton, PA. Richard Davis believes, but cannot prove, that Samuel is the son of Christian Neukommet. Parents: Hans NEUKOMMET.

Ulrich NEUKOMMET3564 was born in 1670. He was christened on 9 October 1670. An Ulrich Neukommet was a Mennonite minister in Zimmerhof, Germany, living in Grumbach in 1731. Richard Davis belives, but cannot prove, that the two Ulrichs are the same person. A Michael Neukomm was also there at the same time, according to Ernst Muller, page 230. This Ulrich had a son named Michael.

In 1729 an Ulrich Neukommet was living in the Jura region along the Corgemont. He had come from the Eggiwyl, according to Ernst Muller, page 274. In 1738 a Johann Neukommet from Eggiwyl was living in the same community as Ulrich. As both were from Eggiwyl, it seems likely that they are related. This Ulrich had a brother and a son named Johann. Parents: Christian NEUKOMMET and sp Anna HEBYSEN\HOKEYSE.

Children were: Christian NEUKOMMET, Hans "Mortonhouse" NEUKOMMET, Michael NEUKOMMET.

Ursula NEUKOMMET2723,3562 was born in 1657 in Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland. She was christened on 10 July 1657 in Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland.3569 Parents: Wolfgang NEUKOMMET Junior and Elsbeth STAUFFER.

Wolfgang NEUKOMMET Senior3561,3570 was born about 1585.3571 Richard Davis guessed that this Neukomett's given name was Wolfgang. Davis also wrote that the parish registers at Eggiwill and Signau had lots of information on Neukommets, but he did not have time to go through it all. Finally, Davis confuses the Neukommets in his early pages and his later pages. His later book, 1997, claims to have clarified the confusion with European Neukommets.

Wolfgang Neukommet, Sr.'s parents may have been Hans Neukommet, born about 1552, and Margaret Frutigen.

Spouse: Ursula SCHABOLD. Children were: Hans NEUKOMMET, Peter NEUKOMMET, Anna NEUKOMMET, Barbli NEUKOMMET, Wolfgang NEUKOMMET Junior, Samuel NEUKOMMET.

Wolfgang NEUKOMMET Junior3561,3572 was born about 1620/1 in Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland.3560 Wolfgang Neukommt's age was given by Charles Whitmer as about 50 in 1671. Parents: Wolfgang NEUKOMMET Senior and Ursula SCHABOLD.

Spouse: Elsbeth STAUFFER. Children were: Daniel NEUKOMMET, Christian NEUKOMMET, Wolfgang NEUKOMMET III, Christian NEUKOMMET, Barbli NEUKOMMET, Catherina NEUKOMMET, Barbli NEUKOMMET, Ursula NEUKOMMET, Christian "Christly" NEUKOMMET.

Wolfgang NEUKOMMET III3573 was born in 1650. He was christened on 27 October 1650. Wolfgang and Christian Neukommet were twins. Wolfgang, labeled the "wiedertaufer Neukomet," was transferred from Signau to the Bern jail on 20 May 1674. He is not found in Eggiwil, Swtizerland after 1675 according to Richard Davis. Parents: Wolfgang NEUKOMMET Junior and Elsbeth STAUFFER.

Spouse: ms . Children were: Hans NEUKOMMET, Peter "1719 ?" NEUKOMMET.

Cora NEUMAN747 was born on 25 October 1890. She died on 30 August 1965 at the age of 74. She was buried in Asbury Park Cemetery, Asbury, Monmouth, NJ.

Spouse: Landis B. ROHRER. Cora NEUMAN and Landis B. ROHRER were married on 20 December 1917.

NEUS49 was born about 1577 in , , Germany.14 Neus's given name may have been "Jan" or "Hans."

Children were: NEUS.

NEUS14,49 was born about 1625 in , , Germany. Neus's given name may have been "Jacob." Parents: NEUS.

Children were: Hans de NEUS.

Hans de NEUS49 was born about 1660 in Lurrip, , Germany.14 He died on 19 July 1736 at the age of 76.108 Hans de Neus emigrated to America in 1698. Parents: NEUS.

Spouse: Jenniken "Jane" BLOMEN. Children were: John de NEUS.

John de NEUS49 was born in 1698. He died in May 1743 at the age of 45.14 Parents: Hans de NEUS and Jenniken "Jane" BLOMEN.

Spouse: Anna Maria NORTHROP. Children were: John NEIS.

Elizabeth NEUSBAUM1617 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Henry GRAEBER. Children were: Elizabeth GRAEBER.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living. Children were: Living.

Anna NEWBERRY34 was born about 1871 in , , KS.3 She died in 1946 at the age of 75.24 Parents: W. K. NEWBERRY.

Spouse: Bernard LEGGETT. Children were: Vernon LEGGETT.

W. K. NEWBERRY24 was born (date unknown).

Children were: Anna NEWBERRY.

Living (private).

Spouse: Living.

Henry NEWCOMB82 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Barbara SNIVELY.

NEWCOMER34 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Olive SNYDER.

NEWCOMER34 died Infant. Parents: Samuel Martin NEWCOMER and Margaret E. GOOD.

NEWCOMER143 died in at sea. Mr. Newcomer died on ship sailing for America. Brent Smeltzer listed this Newcomer as Wolfgang, who married Elizabeth Mandelin Weber, but that is incorrect.

Children were: John NEWCOMER Senior.

NEWCOMER35 died INFANT. Newcomer infant died after five days. Parents: William Martin NEWCOMER and Elizabeth H. WITMER.

NEWCOMER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nancy REESE. Children were: Lindley NEWCOMER.

NEWCOMER50,3574 was born about 1713 in , , Switzerland. Ms. Newcomer's given name may be Maria.

It is also possible that Peter Newcomer had more than one daughter. Peter expressed certainty that Wolfgang would help raise Wolfgang's younger brothers and sisters. As far as I know, Wolfgang only had one younger brother and only one sister, younger or older.

A Maria Newcomer married a John Brubaker (1719-1804), but I cannot verify if it was this Maria Newcomer, a sister or unrelated. Parents: Peter "1719" NEWCOMER Senior.

Spouse: Francis BUCKWALTER. NEWCOMER and Francis BUCKWALTER were married before 1732. Francis Buckwalter is mentioned in Peter Newcomer's 1732/33 will as Peter's son-in-law.

NEWCOMER738 was born in 1755 in , Lancaster, PA. She died between 1805 and 1826 at the age of 50. Parents: Wolfgang NEWCOMER and Elizabeth Maudlin WEBER.

Spouse: NEFF.

NEWCOMER854 was born before 1778.5

Spouse: Susannah SNIVELY. Children were: Harriet NEWCOMER, Joseph NEWCOMER, Andrew NEWCOMER.

NEWCOMER2618 was born in 1794. He died INFANT. Parents: Peter NEWCOMER and Catherine GOOD.

NEWCOMER790 was born after 1857.5 He/she died INFANT. Parents: David NEWCOMER Senior and Mary Shelley FUNK.

"Katie" NEWCOMER2494,3575 was born on 22 March 1862.2477 Lee Garlock reported that Katy Newcomer was born in February 1863. Roger Cramer gave Katie's birth year as 1863. She died on 22 November 1864 at the age of 2 in , Washington, MD. She was buried in Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Beaver Creek, Washington, MD.
Katy Newcomer had no children. Parents: John Henry NEWCOMER Junior and Ellen WILLIAMS.

NEWCOMER24 was born in 1868.24 He/she died INFANT. Parents: Cyrus Barr NEWCOMER Senior and Elizabeth HAUSE.

NEWCOMER3 was born about 1870. She died about 1870 at the age of 0. Parents: Martin D. NEWCOMER and Susan SCHECHTER.

Aaron NEWCOMER143 was born (date unknown). Parents: John N. NEWCOMER and Ann Catherine MENTZER.

Abner NEWCOMER175,433 was born on 23 December 1839 in Boonsboro, Washington, MD.3,660 He died on 22 May 1931 at the age of 91 in Mount Morris, Ogle, IL.3 He was buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Polo, Ogle, IL.3 Abner Newcomer was in the 9th Est. Ill., and was injured fighting under General Lew Wallace at the Civil War Battle of Shiloh. Roger Cramer gave Abner Newcomer's military outfit as Company D, 142nd Illinios Infantry. Parents: Isaac NEWCOMER and Elizabeth EMMERT.

Spouse: Ellen Rose BETEBENNER. Ellen Rose BETEBENNER and Abner NEWCOMER were married on 3 December 1863 in , Ogle, IL. Children were: Ettie Rebecca NEWCOMER, Orpah Elizabeth NEWCOMER, Lillian May NEWCOMER, Living, Alan R. NEWCOMER, Charles Abner NEWCOMER, Otis B. NEWCOMER.

Abraham NEWCOMER2662 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Anna HERR. Anna HERR and Abraham NEWCOMER were married before 1760.

Abraham NEWCOMER1 was born (date unknown). Parents: Christian NEWCOMER and STEINER.

Abraham NEWCOMER3576 was born (date unknown). Parents: Ulrich "Phoenix 1754" NEWCOMER.

Abraham NEWCOMER35,884 was born after 1737.5 He died in 1794 at the age of 57 in , Lancaster, PA. He signed a will. Abraham Newcomer's will was G-1-249. Abraham Newcomer in Strasburg where he was a gunsmith during the American Revolutionary War. He was named a member of the Committee of Observation on 8 November 1775. Abraham received his father's farm, when his brothers and sisters transferred ownership to him (deed W-3-56). He left a will mentioning that Christian was his only son (G-1-249). Parents: Johannes "Hans" NEWCOMER.

Spouse: Anna BAER. Anna BAER and Abraham NEWCOMER were married in 1760 in Strasburg, Lancaster, PA. Children were: Christian NEWCOMER.

Abraham NEWCOMER35 was born after 1772.5 Parents: Christian NEWCOMER Senior and Anna SUMMY.

Abraham NEWCOMER54 was born after 1776.5 Parents: Christian NEWCOMER and Anna WITMER.

Abraham NEWCOMER35 was born in 1788. Abraham Newcomer was a merchant in Strasburg, Pennsylvania in 1809. Parents: Christian NEWCOMER and Magdelena OBERHOLTZER.

Spouse: Anna .

Abraham K. NEWCOMER1645 was born in 1842.2175 Abraham Newcomer farmed in Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Parents: Jacob NEWCOMER and Barbara KAUFFMAN.

Ada S. NEWCOMER893 was born (date unknown). Parents: Amos W. NEWCOMER and Mary S. SNYDER.

Adalaide Vanderpoel NEWCOMER1013 was born (date unknown). Parents: Waldo NEWCOMER and Margaret VANDERPOEL.

Spouse: Victor Park NOYES.

Adaline NEWCOMER47 was born on 15 February 1824 in , Washington, MD. She died on 3 June 1900 at the age of 76 in Deep River, Poweshiek, IA. She was buried in Dresden Cemetery, Deep River, Poweshiek, IA.21 Parents: Emanuel NEWCOMER Senior and Catherine FUNK.

Spouse: Michael FUNK. Adaline NEWCOMER and Michael FUNK were married on 17 October 1847 in Mount Morris, Ogle, IL.3 Michael Funk and Adaline Newcomer were second cousins once removed. Children were: Catharine FUNK, Henry U. FUNK, Emanuel M. FUNK, George N. FUNK Reverend, Martin FUNK, Lee L. FUNK.

Adam F. NEWCOMER175,661 was born on 30 November 1845. Agnes Young gave December as Adam Newcomer's birth month. He was christened in 1846.35 He died on 23 May 1882 at the age of 36. Parents: Zachariah NEWCOMER Senior and Sarah Ann ADAMS.

Agnes NEWCOMER was born (date unknown). Parents: Charles Joshua NEWCOMER and Osee Julana DAVIS.