Bowman, Burns, Clingenpeel, Newcomer & Other Families

Welcome to the Bowman, Burns, Clingenpeel and Newcomer family home page with more than 50,000 individuals.
Among the surnames with more than 100 individuals are Brackbill, Brubaker, Buckwalter,Burkholder, Coffman/Kaufman, Denlinger, Eby, Eikenberry/Ikenberry, Emmert,Funk, Gehman, Good, Groff, Hershey, Hoover, Horst/Hurst, Hostettler, Kreider, Landis,Leaman/Lehman, Martin, Miller, Newswanger, Nolt, Oberholtzer, Reiff, Rohrer, Rutt, Sensenig, Siegrist, Snavely/Snivley, Stauffer/Stover/Stouffer, Seigart, Swingley, Weaver/Weber, Wenger, Witmer and Zimmerman.

Two famous cousins of mine are to be found in these links: Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey Chocolate, and Tom Fogerty of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band "Creedence Clearwater Revival." See if you are a cousin as well.
Also, below is a link to my wife’s families’ (Doerges, Ostman, Weed and Weis) website.
To view the descendants of my surnamed ancestors, starting with the earliest parents, please go to the “names” index on the menu, and click on:
John Bowman, Sr. (1764-1840) or Elizabeth Sarah Eichenberg (1766-1830).
George F.Burns (1829-1888) or Sophie May Mahaffey (1837-1916).
Joseph Clingenpeel (1756-1840) or Sophia (1766-?).
Peter Newcomer (1684-1732).
Your suggestions, corrections and additions are encouraged. I want to make this homepage as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Please contact me to add individuals or to make corrections.
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